Saturday, October 4, 2008

2nd Annual PENEK BUSAY

"I have great time to be with this event with more than a hundred mountain climber from different group of mountaineers in Mindanao region. Seeing their enthusiasm to conquer our common goal to get in touch and mystify the wonderful creation that we had witnessed in our journey even it was a tongue dropping -stamina draining climb."

27 September 2008, after wrestling on my work early in the morning i started to packed my things and fix myself so i can come early to our waiting area with my co-TAMAC team. Six of us departed in Tacurong at exactly 6:00 AM.

At early of 9:00 in the morning we reach Digos City, Freedom Park our jump-off area. We had our registration in their and we were delighted a breakfast in a carenderia along their market. We need to pamper our stomach to condition ourself to endure our agility and strengths for this climb.

With our conditioned soul because of full-heavy breakfast that we had, we backed to the park to prepare our things going to Brgy. Goma. The truck whom to fetch us going to the trail site was already backed after giving a ride to the first batch of rabid climbers. A 45 minutes of raging ride going to the site exhaust myself due to heavy sunlight and irritated dust ooze to my delicate and "holy skin"-whew!

Atlas! we already reach the Brgy. Goma Community, upon our arrival the first batch of climbers were started to head their walk. Us, we find comfort rooms to pee and indulge ...buti nalang at lawit ang nasasa akin, pasensya nalng sa mga may hiwa kahit papano men can easily find a comfort to relax their urinary system. Before we leave a youth representative give us an orientation about their place and after that we had a solemn prayer.

From then, we start our happing. Imagine this! I was totally driven to enjoy every scenic view that i had seen. The river, trees, mountains, the trail and the most-the water falls...whoa! It was so damn-great-peaceful things to view, to feel , to breath and to taste. The water falls is so relaxing that soothes and relaxed my oozing backaches. Every other falls that i've happed i pause, i breathe, i observed, i meditate, i give respect to unseen creatures. I bathe, i swim, i pee, i drink in the basins of water falls that we've reached. I always do take time to enjoy my moment with nature. In every climb-in every travel that i've been i enjoyed. I didn't waste any single moment to experience new things that i know i am going to treasure. A moment that i know i can be proud of. Up to know i' am still guided by my principle in my journey- and that is to " Endure, Explore, Experience life to the limits."

Up to now, i do have hangover of this event and i'am pissed, i cant finish my writings in this activity because of the unrecoverable photos from our photographer from Bukidnon "Emong. Kuya padala na ang pictures or just upload it in your friendster para may ma grab ako". Here are some photos taken by JP Pineda of DOLEFIL

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