Monday, April 6, 2009


Kudos to the Ultimate Team Of Tacurong!

As Ultimate Frisbee has grown its popularity around Philippines, Ultimate team from Tacurong has followed its suit in creating a team of its own. Just as the sport is relatively young to the team- the team had risk its decision to join the tournament.

Last March 28-29, 2009 the Dabaw Summit-Ultimate Frisbee Challenge held at Davao City High School.The tournament, resulting in 7 competing teams from different places of South Central Mindanao and approximately there are more than a hundred members and spectators on the property over the course of Saturday and Sunday.

Well, sad to say we lost but the team got the "spirit of the game award"

Here are some of the event pics!

the single ladies

danzoy passing frisbee

team UTOT vs. TUPAC of Cotabato

where's the disc?

and the lossers had to rest! hehehehehe

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