Friday, June 13, 2008

i will graduate on time no matter how long

I've been wrestling with the decision for a few days and would love some second opinions from those who've either GRADUATED a delligent student. Thoughts?

Well, it in fact this is my 10th year waiting for luck and miracles seeing myself holding a diploma to show to the world that i owe a degree. But where?

Now i'm running as a "suma" in our school- sumasampung taon na po akong nakikibaka upang makatapos sa aking pag-aaral. Congratulation!

When I started college I promised that I'd see my degree all the way through, and chose a course I'd like -so that I would have the best of both worlds. As my studying progressed and I learned what the course was really like, I began to get frustrated with my choice of majors, but held to my promise. Now I'm finally getting into my production courses in my final year and it's been a total love-hate relationship with my degree. But I'm sticking it out. So whats the problem?

Yea, I probably should have considered my attitude this a long time before I came creeping up. I was pissed by the events that came in my life during the times that i'm in school. I lost my self control, I let my self deduce by a freakin-hog problem. to be continued...

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Ariel said...

invite us to your grad, kuya! you're never too old to get a degree...hehehe... It's not about who graduates first but what kind of life you live after graduating. You have done lots of things for others already even if you haven't graduated yet, how much more when you already have the diploma.