Sunday, October 21, 2007

Blogging my Blog

hello guys, this my not be my first time to write a blog. But making greater sense could me unusual stuff for me. Right now, just right now-im proud with too much pride for myself being the one tough guy who can beat the odds of his life and get even with the denominators. I'ts so amazing boosting my morale cause i earned esteem and dignity which i never asked from anyone. I was trapped inside the egg shell but now i am like one of the dinos who can fight my predetors without looking back and thinking consecuences. I made my self strong, i am now my self-my own strenght, my own world, my blog. I can throw bog now---i learned the word revenge, it was already present in my vocabulary, now be careful and i can stab you back. I'm good but i know and i learned to a be badroach. This is just my first here---hope i can enjoy staying here.

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